Coupar Angus Virtual Offices:
Your Instant Office in Melbourne

Welcome to Coupar Angus Virtual Offices.

Coupar Angus Enterprises Pty Ltd. proudly presents an ideal virtual office solution to all entrepreneurs.

If you are a small business, searching for an instant office in Melbourne or a multi-national corporation looking for a location to expand your services, you will find that virtual office services translate to the perks and privileges of a traditional office without the associated costs.

Feel free to browse through our website to explore various services offered. Some of them are:

Why Us?

  • Lower Overhead
    Remove the hassle, expense, or commitment of a long-term commercial office space lease and full-time staff. Get an instant office in Melbourne without paying for something you’re not using.
  • A La Carte
    Our workstation hire and virtual office solutions are highly customisable, giving you the freedom to pay for only what you need, when you need it and nothing if you don't.
    Our Virtual Assistant service provides small businesses an extra set of eyes, ears, and hands just when you need them without having to spend the time and expense required to hire, train, and maintain full-time employees.
    Regardless of the size of your business, our virtual offices provide flexible solutions so you can achieve a healthy work / life balance.
    Escape the distractions of the home office or coffee shop on an as-needed basis without having to shoulder the burden of a long term lease commitment. Workstation hire in our Melbourne premises equals a motivating professional environment without the expense.
    Using a virtual office will bolster your company's image with a professional voice and a prestigious business address.